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Mouna Bouslouk

Make the world a better place with technology

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My services

IT Adviser and CTO

You can hire me as an IT Consultant or a part-time CTO

Part-time CTO for small businesses

Every business needs a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) even if it is a small company!

If you need an expert to help you in your technical choices and at the same time to manage your teams and projects, you can consider that hiring me as your part-time CTO is the best option.

IT Adviser

You only need some occasional technical advices? You can hire me as an IT Adviser.

GIS Consultant

If you want an expertise on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and/or need someone who can understand end-users needs and translate them into technical specifications, you can hire me as a GIS Consultant.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, I can be part of your team and be the guarantor of the good progression of your project.

GIS Engineer and Software Developer

You can hire me as a GIS Engineer or as a Software Developer

Data Migration Expert

If you need someone who can analyse, model, manage and migrate your geographic data by using an ETL like FME, you can hire me as Data Migration Expert.

GIS Software Developer

If you are using ESRI products and are looking for someone to help you in the development of applications based on these software, you can hire me as GIS Software Developer.


If you need an e-shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce, you can hire me as your Web developer.

AI Software Developer

This is a new and special offer. If you have a project based on TinyML, you can hire me as your AI Developer.

About Me

Mouna Bouslouk

I am

  • a creative Technical Project Manager, with 20 years of experience as Computer Science Engineer,
  • ready to develop and to apply innovative engineering techniques and technologies,
  • able to translate complex technical needs to project teams.

My conviction is that we – as developers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs – can create a better world by taking into account ethics and human needs in every process of a product.

Since 2017

Digital Transformation Consultant (WebPortage) for small businesses.


Founder of PetroAkal Publishing SAS (Learning Games and ebook Publishing).


Freelance GIS Consultant(Geographic Information Systems). References : « Bouygues Telecom », « Office des Postes et Télécommunications de Nouvelle-Calédonie », « ViaMichelin »…



Visiting Professor at « Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques » and « Ecole des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris ».


Engineer at ViaMichelin.


GIS Engineer at ESRI France.


Intern at CGG (1 year)

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